Always be in contact with your plant with our Adroit Air Mobile App

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android phones

The app is available on Apple Store for iPhones, iPad and iPod touch

Adroit Air Mobile App

Always be in contact with your plant via push notifications on your mobile phone, by receiving alarms, operator messages and production data. Adroit Air is a Push Message platform that enables the Adroit Ignite HMI Software to message, send selected alarms and process data to specified users on their mobile devices. One free user comes standard with every Adroit Ignite HMI Software.


Each user is mapped to a single AlarmList or AlarmAgent, to ensure they only receive alarms relevant to them. The user will see a list of up to 20 of the highest priority active alarms. Alarm priorities can be used to filter out less important alarms.

Alarms are assigned to available users from the “Alarms” tab. Each user can be linked to a single alarm agent or alarm list agent on any available Adroit data source. Multiple users can be linked to the same agent. Changing the minimum priority setting will prevent lower priority alarms from being sent to the user. Changes will be applied when the “Finish” button is clicked on the wizard.

The configured agents will be monitored for changes. Whenever a new alarm becomes active or an existing alarm clears, an updated list of alarms will be sent to the appropriate users. Updates will be sent to users at a one-minute interval. Filter options have been added.

Text Messages.

The operator can send specific users custom text messages. App users will be able to view a history of the last 20 messages delivered to them.

Text messages can be sent to test the system or to deliver some specific information to a user. Text messages can be up to 1000 characters long. Basic text formatting like tabs and line feeds are allowed. Filter options and selective deletion of messages have been added.

Process Data.

Up to 10 process data, and messages can be configured. Each message can contain data from up to 10 different tags. Process data messages are trigger driven (min. 1-minute interval) and can be sent to any number of licensed Adroit Air App users.


The Adroit Air phone App will fetch data from the Adroit SCADA via the Air Datasource so the security of your SCADA cannot be compromised as the connection is only outwards. Filters and selective deletion of
message options are available.

Adroit Air

Data is pushed from the Adroit Ignite HMI Software via the Adroit Air data source. The app listens to push notifications. If the app is closed or running in the background, a notification and summary will be shown in the notifications area of your device.

The user can view the incoming data by opening the app or simply clicking on the notification. If the app is focused when a notification arrives, the updated data will be automatically displayed.

As an Adroit Air App user, you can receive updates from multiple Adroit Ignite HMI Software projects.

As an Air App user, you can receive updates from multiple Adroit 10 projects. You also have the option to mute updates from any project at your discretion. 24 messages of process data each with 20 tags and are trigger driven at 1-minute intervals are standard with the Adroit Air.

Supported Operating Systems

The Adroit Air app supports:

  • Android 7 or later.

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. - iOS 11.0 or later.

Adroit Air Text Messages
Adroit Air Text Messages
Adroit Air Text Messages

Links to Other Adroit Mobile Applications

If you have a Performance Anywhere (PA) server running, you can view the pages natively in the Adroit Air application.

Performance Anywhere

Performance Anywhere is an easy-to-use HTML 5-based reporting/dashboarding client software. Using widgets, such as dials, line charts, analogue, and alarm lists, users can easily build custom dashboards representing their plant status and performance and make it available on any internet browser on an intranet or the Internet.

Adroit Ignite HMI Software has a single free Performance Anywhere Client licensed with a standard installation.

Up to an additional 5 Performance Anywhere clients can be purchased with any Adroit Ignite HMI Software.

Adroit Air

Adroit Air Mobile App Setup and Onboarding

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