Build rich User Interfaces with data fed from PLCs, RTUs, OPC Servers, Databases and IoT Devices

Adroit Ignite HMI Overview

The Adroit Ignite HMI software is a great value for money, object-orientated Windows-based HMI software product that leverages the premium Adroit SCADA/HMI software from Adroit Technologies.

Adroit Ignite HMI software offers users the unique ability to securely integrate both Real-Time and Transactional data (Databases), WebService data and even IoT data into a rich and functional user interface.

This is done by creating connections from the Ignite Server into the various Datasources that make up the data layer. Sources of Data can include Agent Server (I/O Server), OLE DB Databases (external to Adroit Ignite HMI) and Web Services.

In Adroit Ignite HMI, the I/O Server part of this architecture is called an Agent Server.  Being object-oriented, Adroit Ignite HMI does not deal in primitives but delivers value from the start through the concept of intelligent objects called Agents. Our object-based Agent technology sets us apart from other SCADA/HMI software on the market, delivering so much more than the standard Tag-based software available.

Agents are intelligent objects because, in addition to containing "state" information, as do conventional database records, they also embody "behaviour". For more detailed information on the Agents and Agent types available, refer to the Agents page under the Architecture menu.

Core Components

The Agent Server is the Adroit Ignite HMI I/O Server and is responsible for scanning data, pre-processing, logging and alarming and interacting with external systems such as databases and third-party applications wishing to use the data available from the plant.

The Ignite Server is responsible for managing access to the data layer, graphic form/mimic project, and management of user profiles governing access rights etc.

The Designer application is the entry point into building any Adroit Ignite HMI solution. A secure log-on and rights applied allows users to manage what capability and user or group of users has on the system. In addition, the Designer is the engineering environment in which users create access to data, manage users and groups and build graphic forms to be displayed in the Operator.

The Operator is Internet-enabled View Client.

Features and Benefits

Secure, Reliable and Scalable

The client-server architecture supports multiple clients connecting to a single Agent Server (I/O Server). In addition to the standard Operator interfaces, the Adroit Ignite HMI software supports the Performance Anywhere HTML5 reporting software and the Adroit Air mobile app for managed alarms and process value notifications, keeping you in touch at all times.

The Adroit Ignite HMI  product is FREE for use with up to 8 Agents and thereafter is available in three derivative sizes; 30 Agents, 75 Agents and 150 Agents. In addition, it is possible to add up to 2 additional Remote Operators.

Should you require to expand it is a seamless exercise to convert to the standard Adroit product that then brings unlimited expansion and connectivity, along with the Adroit Active Clustering technology for Agent Server redundancy.

Connect to any Source of Data from the Adroit Ignite HMI

Any modern control and HMI solution often require connectivity to a database. In the Adroit Ignite HMI, it is possible to connect to an OLEDB compliant database and easily bring in query results into tables, or to transact data into a database for reporting purposes.

By allowing secure connections to both real-time and database sources, Adroit Ignite HMI exposes the data in an uncomplicated self-explanatory way.

OLEDB Databases; allows execution and use of data returned from queries, views that can be parameterised using real-time tags from the Adroit Ignite HMI. This flexibility allows users to build the most integrated operator interfaces to drive even more efficiencies.

Reducing Engineering Time & Costs

Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled modules, wizards and templates available in the library.

There is a single point of configuration, deployment and management which allows for bulk engineering. The wizard and template approach to projects reduces the time spent on design and configuration utilising the bulk import/export functionality.

Use EXCEL tools to construct the Adroit Ignite HMI Agent/Tag database.


Server Security

The Server Security component configures the allowed users and groups which provides the first or foundational level of ALL user security and management within the Adroit Ignite HMI, not only for Server security but also Client security too and is therefore mandatory.

Furthermore, this Security component configures the first level of purely Server-specific security in the form of Policies, which can be used to provide a general (large-scale) level of control to safeguard the data that is made available to the Server.

The second level of Server-specific security can be broadly termed Datasource-specific security, which can be used to provide a precise (finely tuned) level of control to safeguard the data that is made available to the Server.  This is therefore configured per datasource and its exposed data elements and special functions.

Client Security

Security is normally implemented by the Server to secure the data exposed by it.

However, the Client (Designer and Operator) can implement its own security. Although these security measures are distinct from Server security, they can only be implemented after the necessary allowed groups and/or users have been added to the Server.

Client security is usually configured by means of user profiles to control the access a user has within the Designer and Operator applications. In addition to customising the display of these applications, profile settings can be used to limit the access users have within these applications too, as follows:

• To specify which menus and even which menu items can be accessed within the Designer.

• To specify the permitted user interaction within the Operator.

Profiles can also specify whether you want to automatically logoff its assigned users from the Client (Operator or Designer) after a specific period of inactivity. This is an added security feature that is often required by particular industries.

Adroit Ignite - Security
Adroit Ignite Overview

Datasource-specific Security

Datasource-specific security is a general classification that encompasses all the security measures that can be used to provide a precise (finely tuned) level of control to safeguard the data that is made available to the Server. This too, can only be implemented after allowed groups and/or users have been added to this Server.

As its name implies, this essentially involves securing the specific datasources that have been added to a Server and their configured exposed data elements and/or special functions.

Data Element Security

Since every datasource exposes its data in the form of data elements, it is therefore essential that the access to these data elements be sufficiently controlled to provide the necessary security for your data.

Each data element (and datasource) can be assigned security permissions that determine which users are able to configure its security settings and which users are able to view, set and/or remove it.

Data element security is applied via the Designer in the Enterprise Manager by right-clicking the required datasource and/or data element and selecting the Security item.

Special Functions Security

In addition to making its data available as data elements, a datasource may only provide special functions. By securing the provided special functions it is possible to secure this specific functionality provided by the datasource itself, which is especially evident when the special function is the only means provided for performing a specific action.

Although special functions are provided by datasources, their security is entirely unaffected by the security settings applied to their datasources. Each special function can be assigned security permissions that determine which users are able to configure its security settings and which users are able to use it.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT Ready

Adroit Ignite HMI is ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Telemetry, remote data acquisition and being internet-aware makes Adroit Ignite HMI an excellent choice to take advantage of the new Industry 4.0 and IIoT revolution.

Hosting Adroit Ignite HMI in the cloud or privately and using the Internet of Things (IoT) Agent allows

Additionally, the built-in OPC UA, Sigfox and MQTT driver allows secure communications to devices deployed anywhere on the cloud.


Adroit Ignite Overview

Adroit Ignite Product Options

Adroit Ignite HMI Software

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Adroit Air Client

Performance Anywhere Client

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On purchasing Adroit Ignite HMI, the customer receives the following:

On the completion of your purchase of one of the Adroit Ignite HMI Product Options, you will receive the following:

• A link to the latest release of the software containing all of the Adroit Ignite HMI tools to configure and run the system, including all available PLC drivers/interfaces, over 300 pre-configured graphic objects such as meters, lights, conveyors, pumps etc., sample applications, and a comprehensive help system.

• A temporary license valid for 30 days. This temporary license can be used on as many machines as the purchaser would like and will include all the features as per the order placed.

Once the payment has cleared, which could take up to 30 days depending on the region, the purchaser will receive a notification via email with instructions on how to obtain a permanent license.

This permanent license will then be generated and will then apply to the machine intended for use in the final application.

NB This final license is NOT transferrable.

The Adroit Ignite HMI software is also available as a download on the Downloads menu, Product Installs tab.


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