Unlocking the power of the Adroit Ignite HMI Software

Over 30 000 Adroit Licences Sold

With the advanced capabilities of today's HMI software, our PC-Based Adroit Ignite HMI has proven to be highly successful and has enabled our customers to do more with simpler, easier-to-use and cost-effective software.

Connect to any Source of Data from the Adroit Ignite HMI

Adroit Ignite HMI is designed with openness and today’s automation requirements in mind.

Any modern SCADA or HMI solutions often require connectivity to a database. In the Adroit Ignite HMI, it is possible to connect to an OLEDB-compliant database and easily bring in query results into tables, or to transact data into a database for reporting purposes.

By allowing secure connections to both real-time and database sources, Adroit Ignite HMI exposes the data in an uncomplicated self-explanatory way.

OLEDB Databases allow the execution and use of data returned from queries, and views that can be parameterised using real-time Tags from the Adroit Ignite HMI. This flexibility allows users to build the most integrated operator interfaces to drive even more efficiencies.

Reducing Engineering Time & Costs

Making efficient use of the Adroit Ignite Object Model, Wizards, and Templates tools.

Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled object model, wizards and templates available in the library. There is a single point of configuration, deployment and management. The wizard and template approach to projects reduces the time spent on design and configuration.