Ignite Server

Adroit Ignite HMI Software Server

Adroit Ignite HMI Software Server

The Ignite HMI Software Server is the Middleware that brings it together - data, graphics, user management

Ignite HMI Software Server

The Ignite HMI Software Server is the middle layer that brings all the available datasources into a unified data model for use within a project.

It is a data portal that exposes data from a number of disparate datasources, both external and internal to it.

The data sources included as standard are one Agent Server data source, multiple databases, web services multiple Windows event sources.

In the Ignite HMI Software Server, you can add different datasources, configure profiles, and security and create, edit and delete graphic projects.


Agent Server
Ignite Server

Ignite Server Datasources

The Ignite HMI Software Server also offers a free OLE DB datasource that can be used to connect to OLE DB enabled databases, such as SQL Express or Microsoft SQL Server opening the way for recipe handling and production management.

  • Simulation: this datasource does not actually connect to outside data. However, it does provide a wide variety of different types of data. Each simulation datasource contains a number of simulation categories, whose data is either unchanging (static) or mathematically generated and therefore constantly varying. This simulated data is essentially a dependable source of data, which can be used when testing the animation of your graphic forms within the design phase.


  • Web Service: this datasource connects to an XML Web service so that the functions contained within its Web object(s) can be used. A Web service is simply the provider of one or more Web objects which contain functions that can be accessed over the Internet and used remotely. Web services are able to seamlessly communicate between systems irrespective of their specific programming languages, hardware, and/or operating systems. For this reason XML Web services are being touted as the next revolutionary advancement of the Internet and may well become the fundamental structure that links together all computing devices.

Other Datasources available

  • Adroit Air: Handles the configuration and management of the Adroit Air mobile app connections, configurations and licensing.


  • Smart Data Services, OPC UA and IoT Endpoint: Smart Data Services is the collective name / term used for additional services (called micro-services) added to the Adroit Technologies’ Technology Stack. Generally, the purpose of these micro-services is to allow for remote connections to local resources over TCP IP.
Adroit Air


This directory is where all the user settings and security configuration is done.

Profile: Profiles allow the work environment of the Designer and Operator to be customized on a per user basis. In addition to merely customizing the display of these applications, profile settings can be used to limit the access users have within these applications too.

Security: This manages security for the Server. By using the existing Windows security, this settings can be used to specify who should or shouldn't have access to it, its added datasources and their data elements and/or special functions.

System: This setting provides a view into the Server and exposes information and functions pertaining to the Server itself and the Clients (Operators and/or Designers) that are connected to it. This information and the functions are mainly required for troubleshooting purposes.


The Ignite automation HMI software Projects manage the creation, opening and storage of graphic forms and wizards, which can be organized through the creation of folders and sub-folders.

A project exists in two main states:

• The design state, which is used to add, import and configure or design the graphic forms within the Designer.

• The operational or run-time state, which is used to view and interact with these graphic forms, typically within the Ignite Operator although it is also possible to do this within the Designer.

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