Building an Adroit Ignite HMI Solution

How to approach an Adroit Ignite project and product choice

Define the end goal of the Automation Solution

Choose the Value-Added Features of Adroit Ignite HMI to complete the task

Consider the following criteria when licensing Adroit:

  • The no. of Agents you will need. This may be a little difficult as the license is based on the number of Agents you use to complete a task. A good starting point would be the number of I/O that will be scanned in from a device, such as a PLC. This would determine the minimum size system. However, once you realize the power of the internal Agents within Adroit Ignite HMI you will soon realize just how easy it is to build a solution using these instead of potentially coding in the PLC or in the SCADA.
  • The protocol drivers that are required for the existing and new hardware.
  • The no. of concurrent connections the system will have - Operators and or 3rd party applications.
  • The no. of Performance Anywhere clients
  • The no. of Adroit Air mobile app connections required.
  • Once all criteria have been taken into account, all the standard tools and features of Adroit Ignite HMI can be used to build the solution.

Sizing and Licensing

Agent Server (I/O Server) and Remote Clients
3.2.1. How is it Packaged?
The Adroit Ignite HMI software is licensed based on two criteria i.e. the number of Agents you will use and remote operators/clients that will concurrently be needed. Remote clients refer to the number of additional PCs that will be running Adroit Ignite HMI Operators (user interfaces or view clients) so that multiple users can view the process simultaneously. The maximum number of Operators that can be licensed is two additional connections.
Typically, Adroit Ignite is licensed using our software licensing mechanism. You will be given 30 days to complete and complete licensing on the machine you will be deploying in the field. Once licensed it is not possible to transfer the license to another machine.
Alternatively you may purchase a USB dongle/HASP software protection key, which is inserted into the USB port of the computer on which the Agent Server is running. This HASP is then programmed in accordance with your specific license agreement. Please note this option makes it easy to transfer between machines, but this option costs US$50 plus transport costs additional to the cost of the software.
Adroit Ignite HMI is packaged in different scan point sizes; these are 8 (Free), 30, 75, 150. This allows the user to purchase the size that best fits the application. Functionality of all packages is uniform, irrespective of the number of Agents and remote clients.
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On purchasing Adroit Ignite HMI the customer receives the following:
• Link to the latest release of the software containing all of the Adroit Ignite HMI tools to configure and run the system. The media also contains all available PLC drivers/interfaces, over 300 pre-configured graphic objects such as meters, lights, conveyors, pumps etc., sample applications, and a comprehensive help system. It is also available to download Here

Reducing Engineering Time & Costs

Making efficient use of the Adroit Ignite Object Model, Wizards, and Templates tools.

Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled object model, wizards and templates available in the library. There is a single point of configuration, deployment and management. The wizard and template approach to projects reduces the time spent on design and configuration.

Posted by Samantha Brink